PUNCTUM TIMES(プンクトゥム・タイムズ)は2006年に創刊した新聞形式の出版物。

創刊号(2006年6月)からNo. 4(2007年9月)までは特集記事と連載記事による紙面構成。フリーペーパーとして発行、配布。
No. 5(2007年10月)からは1名(1組、1テーマ)だけを特集する紙面に変更(No. 6以降、有料化)。PUNCTUM TIMESの母体『PUNCTUM Photo+Graphix Tokyo』(*)で展示するアーティストの新聞作品集を発行し、主にギャラリーで配布。
No. 10(2009年11月)から国内外の書店等で販売開始。


PUNCTUM TIMES is a newspaper-style publication focused on photography and art.
All issues are printed with a rotary press on newsprint paper, using newspaper inks.

Issues No. 1 (June 2006) to No. 4 (September 2007) comprised feature and serial articles, and were distributed for free.
It has focused on one artist (or group, or theme) per issue since No. 5 (October 2007), and starting with No. 6 (October 2008), it became a paid publication.
It carried newspaper-style portfolios of the artists whose works had been exhibited at its gallery (PUNCTUM Photo+Graphix Tokyo*) from 2004 to 2009, when the gallery was open.
From No. 10 (November 2009) on, it has been sold in bookstores both in Japan and abroad.
All issues are available for public access in the libraries of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum.
*The art gallery from which PUNCTUM TIMES was born. It was active between 2004 and 2009 in Kyobashi, Tokyo.

Publisher & Editor in Cheif: Issei Teramoto
The logotype of PUNCTUM TIMES was designed by Masayoshi Nakajo.