Miwa Yanagi  “Throwing Peaches”


1: お手にした際に手や衣服等に黒インク等が付着する恐れがあります。2: 紙面にインクの汚れ、付着等が出ております。

The PUNCTUM TIMES No. 24 is Miwa Yanagi’s “Throwing Peaches.”
This issue includes Yanagi’s latest photo works taken with 8 x 10 camera at night, which will be shown at her solo exhibition (Takamatsu Art Museum) in February 2019, her original drawings for this issue and texts.
The format of No. 24 is a popular and unique size of Japanese newspapers called “Blanket.” And the paper is brighter than usual.
This issue is very powerful and strong, we think. We hope you’ll like it!

*This paper has some dirty pages because of being used too much black ink. Please understand it. On touching and seeing it, your fingers, hands, and clothes may be stained with black ink. Be careful!

Date of Issue: November 1, 2018
Format: Blanket (545 mm x 408 mm)
Pages: 16
Limited Edition of 1000 copies
Published by PUNCTUM
Publisher: Issei Teramoto
Logo Designer: Masayoshi Nakajo
Editorial Designer: Sansei Kimura (MIWA YANAGI OFFICE)
Printing Director: Tomoya Nakamura
Printing Manager: Kazuyuki Yabu
Printed by Kumano Shimbun Co., Ltd.
Printed in Kumano
Thanks to Kanta Farm (Fukushima)