仲條正義『IN & OUT, あるいは飲&嘔吐』
Masayoshi Nakajo  “IN & OUT, Or 飲&嘔吐”

今号は、ギンザ・グラフィック・ギャラリーでの個展「IN & OUT, あるいは飲&嘔吐」(2017年1月13日〜3月18日)を記念して刊行いたします。
展覧会で発表される新作「Mother & Others」全22点を完全収録しています。


The PUNCTUM TIMES No. 22 is the special issue of Masayoshi Nakajo’s “IN & OUT, Or 飲&嘔吐.”
This special issue was published on the occasion of the exhibition, Masayoshi Nakajo “IN & OUT, Or 飲&嘔吐” at ginza graphic gallery from January 13 to March 18, 2017.
Nakajo is one of the most famous and talented art directors and graphic designers in Japan.
This issue completely contains his latest work “Mother & Others.”

Mr. Nakajo has just received the award of ADC (Tokyo Art Directors Club) in 2017 for his latest poster works and the PUNCTUM TIMES.

Date of Issue: January 13, 2017
Format: Tabloid (408 mm x 272 mm)
Pages: 48
1st Edition of 1500 copies
Published by PUNCTUM
Publisher, Editor, Editorial Designer: Issei Teramoto
Logo Designer: Masayoshi Nakajo
Sales Manager: Aco Kogure
Printing Director: Akinobu Sekiya
Printing Manager: Kazuyuki Yabu
Printed by Kumano Shimbun Co., Ltd.
Printed in Kumano
Provided by courtesy of Kaoru Kasai for the cover design
Thanks to ginza graphic gallery